George RAIN

George Rain

     George had a close relation with music since he was a child. His dad played in the local band in the sixties and since George was a kid he was surrounded by the music from THE BEATLES, THE HOLLIES, ABBA, DEEP PURPLE, etc. When he was 14, he started to "hear" his own melodies inside his head. Music swallowed him and he deeply wanted to realize these inner ideas; so he started to sing, play the guitar, bass guitar and drums. The album "Heaven And Hell" from BLACK SABBATH influenced him the most in those early days.

     In 1999 George founded his first band, CALYPSO (two years later renamed to NAVAR). They played more than a hundred gigs and recorded several CDs - the best one was the album "1621" from 2005. Since November 2008 (with a changed line-up and with a new band-name, SEBASTIEN) George is trying to push the limits of the wildest dreams by cooperating with the famous people from the world’s rock/metal scene and also by introducing SEBASTIEN’s music to the whole world.

     Besides playing and singing he is a teacher of the rock guitar-playing (in YAMAHA Music School), he participated on an incidental music for the Eastern-Bohemia Theater, or on the title song for the movie "Ležáky 42". He supports local rock/metal bands and he was also a juror in a regional music-competition for 2 seasons. George became an IBANEZ artist and worked with Apollo Papathanasio (ex-FIREWIND) on his upcoming first solo album - as a songwriter and guitar player. Among this all, George became a guitar player on an acoustic project of a famous Czech rock singer, Láďa Křížek....

General INFO

Place, date of birth

Benešov, 1984

Current Living

Hradec Králové, CZ


M.A. (Master of Arts)
University of Pardubice
Faculty of Arts (2009)

Life Philosophy

"Everything is possible, just follow your dreams!"

Band member since


Musical History

CALYPSO (1999 - 2001)
SEPHIA (2001 - 2003)
NAVAR (2001 - 2008)
SEBASTIEN (2008 - present)
APOLLO PAPATHANASIO (2015, cooperating on upcoming solo album)
LADA KRIZEK AKUSTICKY (2015 - present)

Artist Profile

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1. "Metropolis Pt.2: Scenes From A Memory" / Dream Theater
2. "Blood On The Highway" / Ken Hensley
3. "Flow" / Conception
4. "Burn The Sun" / Ark
5. "Headless Cross" / Black Sabbath


1. "Man In The Mirror" / Michael Jackson
2. "Paradise Lost" / Symphony X
3. "Les Morts Dansant" / Magnum
4. "Anno Mundi" / Black Sabbath
5. "Anthem" / Kamelot


1. Ronnie James Dio
2. Michael Jackson
3. Russell Allen
4. The Beatles
5. Devin Townsend


1. Amadeus
2. The Pick Of Destiny
3. The Da Vinci Code
4. Shanghai Noon
5. Sleepy Hollow

Song of Sebastien

1. Sphinx In Acheron
2. Remiel In Flames
3. Crucifixion Of The Heart
4. Stranger At The Door
5. Dorian


1. Music - singing, guitar playing/teaching, song-writing
2. History - history of mentalities, micro-history, everyday-history
3. Numismatics, old books (18th and early 19th century)
4. Travelling (in Europe)
5. World religions, mysteries

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