SEBASTIEN is a melodic power metal band with symphonic and progressive influences. In 2010 the debut album "TEARS OF WHITE ROSES" (produced by Roland Grapow) is released via ESCAPE Music Ltd. CD also features seven special star-guests: Amanda Somerville, Apollo Papathanasio, Doogie White, Fabio Lione, Mike DiMeo, Roland Grapow and Tore Moren. The album is rewarded with enthusiastic reviews worldwide!


SEBASTIEN is on the first real tour (in the Czech Republic and Slovakia) during the autumn 2011. The band also appears on another gigs with SERENITY (Austria), ELVENKING (It), VICIOUS RUMORS (USA) and FATES WARNING (USA). One of the biggest events in the history of SEBASTIEN so far is their appearance on the main "Ronnie James Dio Stage" of mighty MASTERS OF ROCK festival in July 2012 (with three guests there on stage: Roland Grapow, Apollo Papathanasio and Katie Joanne). Till the end of 2012 SEBASTIEN is also playing shows with AXXIS (Ger) and then with JORN LANDE (Nor).

In August 2012 the band starts the first European tour with CIRCLE II CIRCLE (USA). It's called the „Tour Of Magellan 2012”. The first video of SEBASTIEN is released later in August 2012. It is made for a song "Dorian" and both album-guests of this song (Fabio Lione and Roland Grapow) appear there. Another step in SEBASTIEN’s career is a cooperation with German BALLROOM HAMBURG agency.

In July 2013 the band wins a competition and appears as a support band of ALICE COOPER (USA) in Kajot Arena (Brno, CZ). In the Autumn of 2013 SEBASTIEN goes to the second European tour – the band becomes a part of MASTERPLAN‘s „Novum Initium Tour 2013“ (also with MYSTIC PROPHECY and SIREN’S CRY on board).

In 2014 the band plays the next big gig on MASTERS OF ROCK’s main stage – this time with the legendary Tony Martin (BLACK SABBATH) as a special guest. In November 2014 SEBASTIEN goes to GRAPOW STUDIOS again to mix the second album, which is called "DARK CHAMBERS OF DÉJÀ VU". The second CD is released worldwide via Pride & Joy Music in September 2015. On this album artists like Tony Martin (BLACK SABBATH), Zak Stevens (SAVATAGE), Sergey Baidikov (PRETERNATURAL), or Ailyn Giménez (SIRENIA) appear as special guests. .

During 2016 SEBASTIEN appears on MASTERS OF ROCK's main stage again (for the third time already), or on ROCK TOWER festival in Poland, and plays a gig also on a legendary German festival - WACKEN OPEN AIR!!! The band cooperates with Wacken Foundation for a couple of years already and the festival-people choose SEBASTIEN's music for official teasers of W:O:A 2016!

2017 is a busy year - SEBASTIEN works on the third album, called "ACT OF CREATION"! The CD is recorded in Petri Kallio's studio, DARK CHAMBER SOUNDS, mixed and mastered by Andy Mons, and so the whole product is created by the band itself for the first time!!! Released worldwide via Pride & Joy Music again in February 2018, with special guests like (again) Apollo Papathanasio (SPIRITUAL BEGGARS,ex-FIREWIND), or Mayo Petranin (SIGNUM REGIS), and with 3 official videos, this album is the most ambitious project of the band so far!!!


Andy Mons



Lucas R.




„I put lots of my energy in them, because I believe they can wake up the interest abroad and reach the international success!“

„Gentlemen of Metal…“

„It was a pleasure to work with them! They are real professionals and I wish them a big success!“
Tony Martin (ex-BLACK SABBATH)

4,75/5,0: "Sebastien's Tears of White Roses is strong debut, equally impressive and entertaining, of melodic heavy metal from this Czech band. Strongly recommended."
by Craig Hartranft | DANGERDOG

9,5/10,0: "Tears Of White Roses" is the best power metal album in this year. There is nothing to criticize, I applaud enthusiastically."

9/10: "In short, don't mess about. Treat yourself. If you buy only one album this year, trust me, when I say it's the best AOR/hard rock album I've heard since the debuts from Nightwish, Hardline and House Of Lords. A true master class!"
by Phil Kane | POWERPLAY



- recording, mixing and mastering third album "Act Of Creation" at Dark Chamber Sounds studio


- the gig on "Headbangers stage" on WACKEN OPEN AIR festival in Germany
- the gig on the main "Ronnie James Dio Stage" on MASTERS OF ROCK festival
- releasing video for the song Last Dance At Rosslyn Chapel with Ailyn (ex-SIRENIA)
- releasing video for the song Lamb Of God


- releasing the 2nd album "Dark Chambers Of Déjà Vu"
- releasse party in Hamburg
- releasing official video for the song "Sphinx In Acheron"
- the gig on MADE OF METAL festival


- gig on MASTERS OF ROCK’s main stage – this time with Tony Martin (ex-BLACK SABBATH). Another guests were Roland Grapow, Martin “Marthus” Skaroupka and Marlin Rya Poemy.
- finishing of the upcoming second album
- concert activities in the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany


- the 2nd European tour with MASTERPLAN (DE), MYSTIC PROPHECY (DE) and SIREN'S CRY (AT)
- releasing promo single "Crucifixion Of The Heart"
- the gig on METALFEST festival (with special guests: Fabio Lione and Katie Joanne)
- start of recording of the 2nd album "Dark Chambers Of Déjà Vu" in Grapow studios, guest-drummer Martin „Marthus“ Skaroupka (CRADLE OF FILTH, MASTERPLAN, INNER FEAR)
- Radek Rain left the band, new drummer is Lucas R.
- cooperation with BALLROOM HAMBURG agency
- SEBASTIEN wins a competition and appears as a support band of ALICE COOPER (USA) in Kajot Arena (Brno, CZ)


- the gig on the main "Ronnie James Dio Stage" on MASTERS OF ROCK festival (3 special guests appeared there: Apollo Papathanasio, Katie Joanne and Roland Grapow)
- the 1st European tour with CIRCLE II CIRCLE (USA)
- the video for the song "Dorian" is in making
- Victor Mazanek left the band, new keyboard player is Pavel Dvorak
- song-writing for the second SEBASTIEN-CD


- the 1st tour (around the Czech Republic and Slovakia) with EAGLEHEART and FLOWERWHILE


- Petri Kallio and Victor Mazanek joined the band
- the album "Tears Of White Roses" is released in November via the English record label ESCAPE Music Ltd. in the whole Europe and Japan, 7 special guests appeared on the album: Amanda Somerville, Apollo Papathanasio, Doogie White, Fabio Lione, Mike DiMeo, Roland Grapow and Tore Moren


- in November the band came to Slovakia to record the album "Tears Of White Roses" in Grapow Studios - with Roland Grapow (MASTERPLAN, ex-HELLOWEEN) as a producer, lyrics were written by a poet Jan Petričko


- the band renamed to SEBASTIEN
- 3 songs recorded for the promo-SP "Závidím" in November
- George Rain and Andy Mons were working on the new material

2007 - gigs all around the Czech Republic

2006 - the album "1621" self-released in April, it got many positive reviews and was distributed also to Japan (with a support of the Leviathan Records)

2005 - often gigs, song-writing and then recording of the new album in the "Music Hell" studio

2004 - 3 songs recorded and self-released as the EP "Proti všem"

2003 - the second CD "Commotion" self-released, line-up changes - Andy Mons and Radek Rain joined the band in November, the sound became more Metal

2002 - the song "Shine of Light" recorded for a compilation of regional bands called "PACH", often gigs

2001 - the band renamed to NAVAR, the first eponymous album recorded in the "Dark" studio and self-released

2000 - creating of the own repertoire, the first demo-tapes are recorded

1999 - George Rain founded a band called CALYPSO in February


Radek RAIN - drums (2003 - 2012)

Victor MAZANEK - keys (2010 - 2012)

Peter FORGE - bass (2008 - 2010)

Rob VRSANSKY - keys (2008 - 2010)