Andy Mons

     Andy started with rock music by listening to AC/DC's "Back In Black" album at the age of 14. Two years later he started to be interested in guitars and bought his first acoustic guitar just for fun, only to try playing. He fell in love with it and since then he was still locked at home, composing his first songs. When Andy was at the age of 20 he bought an electric guitar, which fully unleashed his desire to play in a band.

     In 2002 Andy met a drummer. That guy had a good friend – George Rain – who also joined them in jamming sessions. In this three-member-band they played for about a year as a project, SEPHIA. In 2003 nearly all band-members left George's band called NAVAR and finally Andy got an opportunity to play in a real band! He was pleased to join NAVAR and in a couple of weeks he stood on stage for the first time!

     The real breakpoint was recording of SEBASTIEN's debut "Tears Of White Roses" in Grapow studios. Roland Grapow had a huge impact to the way of thinking and gave Andy a lot of experience in guitar work, song writing, arrangements, producing and also sound engeneering. After releasing of the debut he gradually permeates deeper into the mysteries of sound-engeneering, video-creating, graphics editing and websites design & coding.

     Finally, for the second album "Dark Chambers Of Déjà vu" Andy could use his gained experiences and so he participated much more on the process of song-composing and arrangements. During the recordings he started to use excellent instruments from Mayones Guitars. After a couple of months of closer cooperation he became a new member of Mayones artists.

General INFO

Place, date of birth

Chrudim, 1982

Current Living

Brno, CZ


Brno University of Technology
Faculty of Civil Engineering (2005)
Energy auditor (2015)

Life Philosophy

"Everything will eventually work itself out."

Band member since


Musical History

SEPHIA (2001 - 2003)
NAVAR (2003 - 2008)
SEBASTIEN (2008 - present)

Artist Profile

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1. "The Unforgiving" / Within Temptation
2. "Super trooper" / ABBA
3. "Nightwish" / Once
4. "Are You Dead Yet" / Children Of Bodom
5. "Last Look At Eden" / Europe


1. "Winner Takes It All" / ABBA
2. "Bohemian Rhapsody" / Queen
3. "Last Look At Eden" / Europe
4. "Faster" / Within Temptation
5. "Arc Of Space" / Bruce Dickinson


1. Tuomas Holopainen
2. Michael Jackson
3. Arjen Lucassen
4. Hans Zimmer
5. Roland Grapow


1. Dark Knight Rises
2. Avatar
3. Butterfly Effect
4. Cidade de Deus
5. Shutter Island

Song of Sebastien

1. Dorian
2. Higland Romance
3. My Deepest Winter
4. Lamb Of God
5. Black Rose, part II


1. Music & sound engineering
2. Astronomy
3. Web coding
4. Hiking, cross-country skiing
5. Movies, funny series

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